Trump Tweeters Troll Jon Lester, Not Lester Holt, During 1st Pres. Debate


During last week’s Presidential debate, twitter was just as lively as one would expect. Filled with jabs and rebukes on both ends of the spectrum. But one man in particular seemed to take a little more flack than he may have deserved.

That man was none other than our soon-to-be NLDS game 1 starter, Mr. Jon Lester. With tensions running high, many of Donald J. Trump’s supporters took to twitter to voice their displeasure with how the debate had been moderated.

The zingers started coming left and right, however they would prove to be misdirected — by a long shot.

Instead of taking out their frustrations on NBC’s Lester Holt (who moderated the debate), these overzealous Trump followers found themselves directing their vitriol toward the Cubs’ lefty.

Still, Lester was a good sport, despite tweets like these:

But at least we can rest assured that our Lester won’t be leaving Chi-town for Pennsylvania Ave. any time soon…

In the meantime, let’s get ready for some playoff baseball. Lester takes the hill Friday. Leeeeeeeets go!


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