Rumor Has It Kyle Schwarber Could Be In Cubs’ Game 1 Lineup As DH

Today Joe Maddon gave Cubs fans some exciting news. This idea has been swirling around for a while now, but it’s started to get legs recently. I’ll be honest, I have my reservations.

Nevertheless, Joe had this to say today:

“Reports are good. He’s been doing everything — he’s been swinging the bat well, he’s been running really well actually, he’s done some sliding drills and all that kind of stuff just to test the whole thing out. We’ll wait til he plays [Monday] and then make an evaluation after that. We don’t have to have our rosters set until [Tuesday]. But right now he’s doing everything well and right, so he’s giving us another option to think about.”

Well, he played today in Arizona, going 0-3 with 1 hard hit ball, a line drive to the right field gap, that was snagged, before he hopped on a jet bound for Cleveland.

I think all of this is very exciting. I love Kyle Schwarber. And nothing would be cooler than him sending one to the moon in the World Series. But I’m just not so sure I can buy into him being a viable DH option. To be perfectly honest, I’m not so sure about him making the World Series roster in the first place, but right now that looks like it could very well happen. I would never put it past this guy to come back and shock the world, but I also wouldn’t blame him if he went 0-10. He’s been out an entire season, hasn’t faced big league pitching since, and frankly that worries me.

Not to mention, there are guys like Matty Szczur, and Tommy La Stella who are both decent pinch hitters. The fact that Schwarber is a lefty does help his case a bit, and when you pair that with the fact that the AL won the all-star game, and Cleveland gets home-field, it’s kind of a compelling argument in favor of Schwarber.

Big part of me still hopes it happens. I’d go nuts if he hit a bomb in the series. Nuts.


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