It’s ALIVE! Cubs’ Lineup Racks Up 10 Runs, Taking Game 4 In LA

The Cubs lineup has been a sleeping giant for the past couple games, and during some recent stretches. Last night, someone woke em up. Not sure whether it was some Maddon magic, disco balls, farm animals? Maybe the boys just took some extra BP? Whatever they did, it worked.

Maybe it was the conversation Tyler and I were having before the game. Nervous before the game, Tyler was pitching the idea of benching Addison Russell. He even went as far as to call Russell “an automatic out.” In all honesty, he wasn’t wrong at the time. Russell has been awful.

So, needless to say, nothing made me happier than Addy knocking one out of the park in the 4th inning. I’m sure that one felt damn good.

A close second, though, would be Rizzo’s bomb. And, more so, his night in general. A 3-5 with a homer after wallowing in 2-26 land was huge for our slugger.

But he couldn’t have done it without a little help from his friend, Matty Szczur. Left off the postseason roster, Matt Szczur came through in a big way by lending his lumber to the slumping Rizzo. Apparently, it isn’t the first time they’ve done this, but it definitely paid the most dividends in this one.

Looking ahead, I’m feeling pretty confident about the way this team is gelling. It seems like the guys in the bullpen have buckled down, and are here to do their job. Offensively, this team gives me a heart attack sometimes, but having full faith in the potential of this lineup, they’re sure to come through.

PS — When the Cubs win it all, we’ll be able to point right back to Zobrist’s bunt as the kickstarter.


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