Hate To Be This Guy, But 103-58-1 “Don’t Mean A Thing Without The Ring”

Chicagoans have heard it before, and they’re about to hear it again: “don’t mean a thing without the ring.” First coined by the ’96 Bulls, this is the mentality that this squad needs to keep front and center in order to avoid the same fate as the 2016 Golden State Warriors, who set the NBA single season wins record with 73 (1 better than the Bulls in ’96), but ultimately fell to the Cleveland Cavaliers in embarrassing fashion, squandering a 3-1 series lead.

The Cubs’ 2016 regular season run we’ve been lucky enough to witness has been magical to say the least. The highs have been incredible, and the lows have been few and far-between.

But in that ’96 spirit, none of it matters one bit if the North-siders fall short of the ultimate goal: erasing over a century of heartache, and delivering a well-deserved championship to the long-suffering Cubbies faithfuls.

We’ve already heard some of the guys reiterate this sentiment, and we know what Jake Arrieta’s attitude is:

But this here is the big time, and if the Cubs are going to make it happen, nothing can be taken for granted. Time to earn it.


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