Everyone Ready To Let Go Of The Panic Button And Just Watch Game 3 Already?

Look, that was a pathetic performance in game 2. Kershaw this, Kershaw that, I don’t care. As good a pitcher as Kershaw is, he’s no more dangerous than the combination of hitters in the Cubs’ lineup. And that’s what makes guys like him so tough to beat. They beat you before you step in the box. Bumgarner does it, Kershaw does it, hell there’s a few guys in our rotation that do it.

So my rallying cry here is this: remember who the hell the 2016 Chicago Cubs are. They’re the dudes who sent an entire infield to start in the all-star game. They’re the dudes who have to duke it out with each other for NL MVP. They’re the modern murderers row, and damn it it’s time for them to think like that.

So, to answer the question of ‘what to do’ with Bryant and Rizzo, I’ll say this. If these guys can get their minds to the place Miguel MAN-tero got his right before he hit the game 1 grand salami, everything will be just fine.

And I like their chances, because it’s gotta be a whole lot easier for KB or Rizz to feel confident than Miggy. No offense, Miggy – keep being you, baby.