Trade Kyle Schwarber Already

I love Kyle Schwarber. I really, really do. I’ve said many times that he is probably my favorite Cub. He has the most exciting bat in the National League and his unique ability to play several positions makes him a heck of an asset to the ballclub. But as we near the trade deadline, I can’t make a very good case for why the Cubs should NOT trade Schwarber to an American League club for some quality pitching. With the emergence of both Javy Baez at 3rd base (moving Kris Bryant to LF) and Willson Contreras behind the plate, there is simply no room for Schwarber in the lineup. Who do you bench in his stead?

I suppose you could have Schwarber and Contreras share time behind the plate, but then you’re benching two of your best players for half the week.

I suppose you could put Schwarber in LF and move Bryant back to 3B, but then you’re forcing Javy Baez to ride the bench.

As much as I love Kyle Schwarber, I can’t make a very good case for keeping him. Especially considering what we would get in return for him.

There is a REAL possibility that by trading Schwarber and Vogelbach to the Yankees, we could conceivably get Andrew Miller AND Aroldis Chapman in return. And imagine how badly the New York Yankees would love to get a young, powerful younger hitter whose nickname is “The Babe.” And with A-Rod in his final season/s and Mark Teixeira not far behind, it makes a lot of sense to put Schwarber at DH and get Vogelbach ready to be your next first baseman.

I’d hate to see him go, but I’d also hate to waste such an amazing young talent by sitting him on the bench for half the week and take our chances on a sub-mediocre¬†bullpen come October.

If I’m Jed and Theo I make the deal and pray we don’t cause another Curse of the Bambino of our own.