Is This The Face Of The Dude Who’s Gonna Shutdown LA? You’re Damn Right.

After Jon Lester’s complete game, four hit, one run masterpiece, its big bad Kyle Hendricks’ turn to show us what he’s got. Kyle stepped up in a big way, and perhaps set the bar, in his last start.

Against the Phillies Hendricks went the distance, allowed just five hits and one run — all the while surrendering no walks. The one run Hendricks was charged with came in the 9th as the runner on third would make it home following a dropped third strike and throw to first by Montero.

Now he’s got the tall task of closing out a series win for his club against the Dodgers. As we’ve seen, L.A. is a talented club who seem to play with a chip on their shoulder. Maybe its just me, but the bad blood they’ve got with the Mets, and the general smugness of Yasiel Puig kind of translate to a team with a strange attitude. Also, not sure about Dave Roberts, but that’s fodder for another day.

Bottom line is this is a huge start for Hendricks, as it is no guarantee the Cubs’ bats will show up. But for Kris Bryant’s 423-foot bomb, the Cubs’ offense had nothing to show for itself.

That being said, this kid Julio Urias got SHELLED against the Mets, so we got that going for us, which is nice.