Cubs Have A Lot To Prove In Next Two Against Dodgers

June is upon us and that means the training wheels are officially off for the 2016 season. After a couple months of rapid fire baseball, and wide-eyed excitement with the new season, its summertime. That means more focus on division races, more trade talk, more drama. Two months from now, the trade deadline will hit. Best of all, it comes a day late this year — August 1st — giving all the GMs (talking to you Jed and Theo) an extra 24 precious hours to craft some magic.

That’s why the way Chicago finishes out this series with Los Angeles is so important. What we have learned so far about the National League is it is cutthroat. There are a solid 7 teams in the NL I could legitimately see winning a World Series this year. But the point is, of those 7, there are 4 that I believe may actually do it.

Those teams are the Giants, Mets, Dodgers, and Cubs.

With Los Angeles coming off of a big series win over New York, and Clayton Kershaw pitching at an all-time-great caliber, the Dodgers look to be matching the intensity of their division rival San Francisco. These two teams are going to be locked in a death-match of a race out west, as it is dicey at best whether the second place team in that division will get a wild card spot.

These next two games would deliver a huge boost to Chicago. Its never too early to start thinking about October, and I think that’s what the Cubs need to do in the run up to the all-star break, and it all starts with taking these next two against L.A.