What’s Been The Secret To The 2016 Cubs’ Success? Arms, Not Fists.

At 34-14, the 2016 Cubs are closing in on their 50th game of the season. We’ve seen torrid run after torrid run, interrupted only by a couple short dry spells with the bats. At times, the 2016 Cubs are like a modern day murderers row. They rip off five, and six, and seven run innings on the regular. And when you look at their wins and their losses, the 2016 Cubs have benefited from one constant: quality starting pitching.

Night in and night out, the 2016 Cubs’ rotation is proving to be the most reliable in all of baseball. They hold the lowest ERA in all of baseball at 2.52; they’ve had the most quality starts, given up the fewest runs, held teams to a Major League low .204 BAA, and obviously they’ve got the most dubs.

The best part is everyone knew the Cubs were gonna hit bombs, rack up runs left and right, and just be a really dangerous lineup no matter what. So when everyone let out their insecurities about this team, it always came down to the pitching. Surprising as that might be…


Still, you can’t really blame them? Kyle Hendricks is still at that stage where you don’t really know what the hell he’ gonna do in the long run. Jason Hammel has been around the block but has never been anything special. Lester and Lackey have the interesting back stories and are almost part of the old guard, or whatever, of pitchers. And what if I told you not everyone was so sure Jake Arrieta would continue to pitch at a Cy Young level?

The point is, each one of these guys had a spot for you to stick a question mark. But instead, they’ve gone and replaced it with an exclamation point.

Jake has been one of the best. Lester and Lackey have been unflappable. Jason Hammel has been a goddamn stud. Kyle Hendricks is coming around.


What I’m really trying to say here is this is the ingredient that makes the 2016 Cubs World Series-worthy.