WATCH: Pirates’ Gerrit Cole Says Cubs Are Not Best Team In Baseball

After the Pirates first victory over the Cubs in 2016, today’s winning pitcher, Gerrit Cole, had some interesting thoughts to share during post game interviews. Here’s a link to the video, in which Cole is quoted as saying the following: “I don’t really think they’re the best team in baseball.”

Gerrit Cole: Cubs are not best in MLB…

First of all, Gerrit Cole can suck it. The Pirates can suck it. Pittsburgh can suck it. You guys had dropped 7 straight to Chicago to start the year, all the while getting outscored by like a million or so runs. So right off the bat, I don’t even care what phony tough guy Gerrit Cole has to say about aaaaanything.

Secondly, I love the way he kind of slips it in there after talking about trying to “salvage the series”. Kind of a soft move if you ask me.

Regardless, its pretty freakin hard to agree with Cole here. The Cubs have been far and away the best team in baseball in a ton of categories, and that doesn’t just go for this season. They’ve been historically nasty.