Trout to the Cubs?

Could the Cubs get Mike Trout in a blockbuster move before the trade deadline?

Maybe. But probably not.

That didn’t stop Michael Bradburn at SB Nation from speculating on a very interesting idea.

He writes:

The deal: Javier Baez, Jorge Soler, Kyle Schwarber, Gleyber Torres, Duane Underwood, Billy McKinney, and Dan Vogelbach

The rationale: This deal could actually do it and the Cubs wouldn’t even feel the loss other than in depth and in the farm. They’d be acquiring a 10-win player that would push Dexter Fowler into a corner outfield spot for bench players and a fraction of their farm which includes three top-100 prospects. Bench players that would immediately become roster players on the Angels and prospects that would make the farm system the apple of Keith Law’s eye.

Now, let’s take a deep breath here. It probably wouldn’t happen. And I don’t know that I’d even support a trade like that. I could live with dealing Soler and maybe even Torres. But Baez and Schwarber? I don’t think we’d need to give up both of those guys for Trout. I could see us dealing Soler (who could be an everyday DH), Torres and maybe a Kyle Hendricks in return for Trout and a middle reliever. That way we could move Adam Warren, Trevor Cahill, or Travis Wood into the number five hole in the rotation and still be pretty solid. The run production from Trout would give us a little breathing room if our number five starter struggled.

But as Bradburn says in his article, the chances of this actually happening are around 1%. But hey – this is the year for the Cubs and if there’s a decent deal on the table I wouldn’t put it past Theo to go for broke before the deadline.

Stay tuned…