South Bend Cubs’ John Williamson Drops Freestyle In Clubhouse


So this happened, and I think we ought to talk about it. A couple days ago, our boy J-Willy of the Single-A South Bend Cubs decided to drop some bars on the 2016 Chicago Cubs and their World Series aspirations. The reason I put Chicago in italics back there is because J-Willy appears to have forgotten the distinction. Last time I checked, there’s a couple pretty thick degrees of separation between A-ball and the bigs. But judging by the way J-Willy was throwing around “we’s” and “us'”, our guy might have a different opinion.

Now I know this kind of fits into the Cubs’ whole zany antics persona, (which I’m definitely not the biggest fan of) but this was actually pretty lame in my opinion. The freestyle itself is pretty shaky, and you can tell by the facial expressions of his teammates sitting in the foreground that this might not be a new thing from J-Willy. They have the classic look of someone who is being forced to listen to a buddy tell the same story he’s told a thousand times before, just waiting for it to be over.

But I think the real story here is the fact that the video was posted by Darnell McDonald. D-Mac releasing this, combined with the #hashtags he added, tells me that we could be in the midst of a “yeah buddy, we’re laughing with you” type of deal where J-Willy gets to feel cool and hip, and the other guys get to have a nice chuckle.

Either way, let’s all just #embracetheflow