May 8th: Javy Baez Walk-Off Bomb Completes Sweep of Nationals in 13 Inning Marathon

What a freakin’ whirlwind that was. First of all, it’s a miracle David Ross is still alive after that game. Had to have lasted at least 10 years, right?

But in all seriousness, this was one hell of a ballgame. The Cubbies were certainly feeling their oats after beating the Nats the last 3 days straight, and with Jake on the hill, that feeling was only getting stronger.

But Jake would struggle a little more than we’re used to seeing today. In only 5 innings, Arrieta gave up 3, struck out 7, and walked 4. When he left the game, the Cubs were staring at a 3-1 deficit, and our bats weren’t looking particularly sharp. In fact, the only Cubs run to that point had come on a wild pitch on which Ben Zobrist was able to score.

Enter Trevor Cahill. The fried chicken eating, beer belly rubbing reliever strode in down 2 runs with his work cut out for him, and he pitched his tail off. In 3 innings of work, Cahill allowed 1 hit, and gave up 2 walks. But more importantly, he gave the offense the little bit of time they needed to muster up some runs. Better still, Cahill would help his own cause with a single up the middle to kick start the Cubs mini-rally.

The 2 runs to tie the game would come in the 7th on a clutch single from Kris Bryant, driving in Cahill and Fowler.

And then the marathon started. Lots of frustration and near misses for what seemed like forever, Bryce Harper reached base 7 times without recording an at-bat, we used up all of our position players — it was a mess .

Until Javy Baez stepped in in the 13th and hit a bomb to left to end it. Just a phenomenal moment for the kid and for the team.

This is as good a time as ever to remind everyone that Javy Baez is special. Love this kid. Word of advice: pay attention when he’s in the ballgame.

Anyway, Cubs sweep the Nats. That’s 7 straight wins. Padres are next. Go Cubs GO!