Andrew McCutchen on Jake Arrieta “He looks like a grown man”

Damn right he does bro. You seen that guy pitch? But in all seriousness, Andrew McCutchen did give Jake Arrieta some respect for his recent success and rise from the ashes. On a sidenote, does this mean Arrieta and the bucks are cool after that little confrontation in the wildcard game last season?

The Pirate’s 2013 MVP winner, McCutchen said that the 2015 Cy Young winner Arrieta “looks like a grown man,” and that “he’s really grown into his body. You can tell he’s put the work in. Physically, he’s there.” McCutchen’s comments come of course after Stephen A. Smith’s outlandish assertion that Jake may have used PED’s to get to where he is.

Refreshing to hear one star show respect for another. These guys are rivals, but at the end of the day they respect their competition, and it’s cool when they acknowledge it aloud. So, good on you Andrew McCutchen, but we’re still gonna whip some tail tonight as we take on the Pirates in game 2 of the series.