3 Reasons Kris Bryant Could Be The Next Mr. Cub

I know what you’re thinking. No, there will never be another Ernie Banks. That man will forever hold the title. But let me tell you the 3 reasons why I believe Kris Bryant has everything he needs to become the next great Cub.

  1. Pedigree  We can get this out of the way first because its the most obvious. KB has been highly touted since day one. We took him #2 overall in ’13, he won NL Rookie of the Year in ’15. Kris Bryant, like fellow Las Vegas native Bryce Harper, has been a lock to be a stud since before he could tie his own cleats.
  2. Homers at Wrigley — Last season Kris Bryant hit 21 of his 26 homers at Wrigley. He’s got a real knack for launching baseballs into the left field bleachers, and for that Cubs fans will love the dude forever.
  3. He’s a Third baseman — For whatever reason, some of the most successful careers we have seen in recent MLB history have belonged to guys who play the hot corner. This actually came to mind last night while I was checking out Toronto vs. Tampa Bay. You had Josh Donaldson, reigning AL MVP on one side, and Evan Longoria on the other. Both pretty nasty, but more importantly both franchise players. And the examples keep coming. From the veteran side, you’ve got Adrian Beltre who has been a stalwart of some really good teams, or David Wright who is arguably the greatest player in his franchise’s history. And then you’ve got young guys like Manny Machado, Mike Moustakas and Jose Valbuena. All of these guys go to show that teams like building around the hot corner these days.

I guess my point here is that not only does KB have all of the ingredients to have a legendary career, but he also happens to play a position that has a track record of being the building block for a team. But the real kicker is the fact that KB loves to mash homers at Wrigley. So for that, we say thanks.

Oh, and here are all of KB’s rookie homers in order to take you into the afternoon. Enjoy.



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