Pedro Strop: The Hat, The Myth, The Legend

First and foremost, LOVE the hat. Reminds me a little bit of D-Train (AKA Dontrelle Willis), but it’s actually better. See, Dontrelle had the pulled down look on lock, and when that thing got some tilt to it, the look was even stronger. But Dontrelle was missing a key ingredient: consistency. And I’m not talking about his pitching (though he was missing consistency in that department too). Willis struggled to maintain the crooked hat. In fact, more often than not, the hat would wind up straight. That, friends, is no good. No, no. Pedro Strop, however, is a master of consistency. Hat don’t move. Never does. Strop never fails to match the angle of his cap with the angle of the 1st base line. He’s spot on night in and night out. Truly committed to excellence in crooked-hatted-ness, and for that Mr. Strop, I think I speak for all Cubs fans in saying thank you.

Less importantly, Pedro Strop and the Cub’s bullpen are no joke. This unit has a 1.67 ERA through the first 6, and though they struggled the other night in Arizona, these guys have been unflinching against a couple of really tough lineups thus far. They’ve come up big in big spots against the likes of Pujols, Trout, Goldschmidt, and Segura, and the confidence that success in those match-ups creates doesn’t go away.

I like the looks of this unit. I like the intensity these guys seem to have. Every one of them looks to be bringing a little intimidation to the game, and that friends is huge when you’re working from the pen.