Kyle Schwarber to Miss Remainder of 16′ with ACL Tear

Damn you Buster Olney. Damn you. I know, you can’t blame the messenger, but Buster, this one is devastating. I mean Kyle Schwarber is kind of the epitome of what makes this team so awesome, and to lose him is nothing short of heartbreaking. This kid has so much heart, and he’s so damn talented. I don’t really know what else to say, other than this absolutely sucks. No matter how you slice it, losing a guy like Schwarber for the season is an enormous blow, for most teams.

But lucky for us, we’re not most teams. We’re the 2016 Chicago Cubs. Take away Kyle Schwarber? That’s cool, we’ve got Soler, we’ve got Szczur, we’ve got Javy Baez waiting in the wing. And you know who else can play left? Ben Zobrist, Kris Bryant, also that Heyward fella. These guys are good, and they can play all over the diamond, and there are a lot of em.

So, Cubs fans, don’t let this one get you down. This team is great because of youth and depth. Injuries can’t stop this team. These guys know how to rise above. So to anyone and everyone who says this is “it for the Cubs” or that the “curse is showing itself early” or whatever nonsense you want to come up with, you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

Cubs go for 4-0 tonight in Arizona. Where would you rather be?


PS — Pumped to see Muni Kawasaki back up in the bigs. Nobody’s got a better personality than this dude, even through the language barrier. Plus, his versatility in the infield and his ability to get on base is going to be a great addition.


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