iPads In The Dugout is a TERRIBLE Idea

The NFL started this trend with the tablets on the sideline, now MLB is doing the same thing in the dugout.

I hate it. It’s stupid. It’s dumb. Don’t even give me that ‘it’s a useful tool garbage’. It isn’t. It’s a distraction. And in baseball, as opposed to football, its a huuuuuuge distraction.

Bottom line is from Little League you’re told to stay in the game when you’re in the dugout. Hell, I had a few coaches who would chew us if they caught for sitting down when our guys were up to bat. Baseball is all about awareness. You’ve gotta see the field, hear the field, smell the field. You’ve gotta be on that fence, talkin’ it up. That’s what the game is all about. It’s why we keep the book, to watch every play, record it, and learn something.

Still, a lot of folks say this is a good way for guys to access scouting reports and data and whatnot. While it’s true that tablets make things like that more easily accessible, it doesn’t change the fact that you’ve got your head in a screen, not in the game.

Last night they asked Joe Maddon about it. I liked what he had to say. Essentially, his argument was that technology is great, and helps the team a lot prior to games. But in the game, Joe says he doesn’t really see the benefit. His point was that everything the players and coaches need is already there, and when you step into that dugout it’s time to focus.

So no, I don’t like that the MLB and Apple are doing this b.s. publicity garbage and causing a disturbance to the game as a result. But, this is the time we live in. Just ask Goose Gossage, nerds ruining the game.