Gleyber Torres Tops List of Cubs Prospects

  1. Gleyber Torres – IF
  2. Wilson Contreras – C
  3. Ian Happ – IF/OF
  4. Duane Underwood – P
  5. Albert Almora – OF
  6. Billy Mckinney – OF
  7. Jeimer Candelario – IF
  8. Dylan Cease – P
  9. Oscar de la Cruz – P
  10. Eloy Jimenez – OF

So there’s the top ten. You can look at the rest here. Some of these guys just jump off the page, especially after this spring. Guys like Almora and Candelario have definitely seen their stock rise because of some good hitting and defensive versatility, and then you’ve got Contreras who has done a lot of learning this spring alongside Ross and Montero.

And of course you’ve got 19 year old Gleyber Torres who has the tools to one day be among the best hitters in baseball. Torres is a little more mysterious than the rest of this cast though. With only 4 at-bats this spring, and just 176 games in the minors on his career, Torres is still preparing for his grand debut.

But the numbers are there. In those 176 games, Torres is batting .290, with an OBP of .358, and OPS in the 750s. Those are the type of stats that suggest this dude has a knack for getting knocks. Still, he’s got a lot of work to do, especially when it comes to his jump stealing bases. His 32 steals look good, but compared to the 21 times he was caught, there is clearly some work to do. Luckily, this isn’t a product of a lack of speed, it’s because of inexperience reading pitchers. Completely learnable.

As far as the others go, I loved what I saw out of Candelario and Almora this spring, they can both certainly swing the bat. And Willson Contreras continues to be one of my favorite young players to watch. Very excited to see how he develops behind the plate, because we already know he can hit.

Also some good young arms on that list. Underwood is obviously a guy that could be a star for us in the future, but it all remains to be seen.


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