From the Editor: Welcome to #WaveTheW

Welcome to the first day of Your new online source for Chicago Cubs news, game recaps, opinions, and analysis. While that may sound super official, we’re just a few huge Cubs fans trying to make life a little easier for other Cubs fans in this the most anticipated year in our franchise’s history. This is the year, right?

I got the idea to start this website during last year’s playoff run. Like many of you, I followed last year’s team more closely than any Cubs team since 2003. I broke down and bought MLB TV and tried to watch as many innings of as many games as possible – live or on replay. And naturally, I started growing opinions about the the team, the lineups and potential transactions more often than previous years. I was more invested in this team – the 2015 Cubs – than any other team in my 25 years of following Cubs baseball. So I started seeing the need for a non-Corporately-owned website with daily recaps and opinions from the perspective of Cubs fans who want the team to do well and who genuinely get angry when they don’t. So, over the offseason I decided if I was going to turn all these ideas into reality, 2016 was the year to do it. After all, the Cubs are bound to have more followers this year than ever before, real or bandwagon. I decided to put all of these ideas in my head into something tangible. And that is when Wave The W was born.

My name is Tyler Jones and I’ve been a Cubs fan since 1990 when my Dad went to Chicago for work and brought back a bunch of swag and stories from a Cubs game attended. If I remember correctly, he brought back a Cubs hat, a shirt, and a bat he got signed by the old Cubs pitcher Mike Harkey. I remember him telling me all about the game; how Don Zimmer, the Cubs eccentric manager who looks more like a offseason clean-shaven Santa Clause than a baseball manager, was ejected from the game after arguing a call; how this player named Ryne Sandberg, a quiet yet incredibly talented second baseman, hit a monster home run onto Waveland Avenue; and how this older man in oversized glasses hung out of a press box to sing the National Anthem.

He told me all about the ivy covered wall, the shirtless bleacher bums, and the constant organ music in the stadium.

I was instantly a Cubs fanatic and have been ever since.

Fast forward 25 years – I have a full-time job, a wife, and a dog. I don’t exactly have time to run a Cubs website. So I brought on someone to do most of the writing for Wave The W, the one and only Bo Madeo. (Follow him on twitter: @Bo_Madeo)

Bo is one of the smartest, most clever baseball fans I know and he will be a great addition to Wave The W. He will be the lead writer for the website and I will chime in with some opinion stuff when I can in my section, “The Owner’s Box.”

So, please, enjoy this website. We will do our best to make it as interesting and creative as we can. But because we don’t take our marching orders from a corporate entity, there will no doubt be some growing pains. We ask you to bare with us on those.

But in the meantime, welcome to Wave The W. Please help us spread the word by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook, and sharing this website with your Cub fan friends.

2016 is going to be an exciting year.

Go Cubs,

Tyler Jones, Editor-in-Chief



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