Eddie Vedder Gave Live Updates on Jake Arrieta’s No-Hitter During Last Night’s Pearl Jam Concert in South Carolina

I missed Jake Arrieta’s 2nd career no-hitter last night only because I was at Pearl Jam’s show in Columbia, S.C. And to make matters worse, my phone had no coverage inside the Colonial Life Arena, so I had absolutely no idea what was going on with the Cubs game.

Eddie Vedder to the rescue.

About mid-way through the concert last night, Vedder pointed out a woman in the front row holding up a Cubs sign and said something along the lines of “this is the year.” There were admittedly some groans and boos as Columbia, SC is smack-dab in the middle of Braves country. But there were also some loud cheers, partly from yours truly. But then Vedder mentioned he needed to get an update on the score of the Cubs game against the Reds. They played another song before Vedder walked up to the mic and told the crowd that his wife just told him that the Cubs were up 13-0. This was awesome for me, just because I couldn’t get the score on my phone. But I had no idea we were looking at a no-hitter.

Right after a roller coaster version of “Alive,” Vedder revealed to the crowd that Jake Arrieta had completed a no-hitter – and he didn’t hide his excitement. Immediately following the next song two fans threw Cubs jerseys on stage and Vedder placed them – logo facing the crowd – on his front monitor. And for the final song of the show, “Yellow Ledbetter,” there were two Cubs jerseys at the front of the Pearl Jam stage as we celebrated a great concert and another historic performance by Jake Arrieta.

What a night.