Big Game Tonight in Arizona

With the news about Kyle Schwarber’s knee, this game against the Dbacks just got a whole lot bigger.

I know it’s the 4th game of the season, and the Cubs have looked great thus far, I know. But with this devastating injury hanging over the team, it’s so important to keep the momentum, and mojo, moving in a positive direction. I have not a doubt in my mind that Joe will have this team ready to go, but here are a few things to look for tonight:

First, on a real positive note, the Cub’s bullpen has yet to surrender an earned run this season. Last night, the guys that came out of the pen did a fantastic job of stymying the Diamondbacks once John Lackey exited the game after 6 innings, over which he allowed 6 runs. Even though the Cubs had, by this point, grabbed the lead, the way in which our boys in the bullpen were able to completely erase any thoughts of a comeback, in what was a very wild game, was phenomenal. Be on the lookout for more of the same tonight, and moving forward.

On the offensive side, Rizzo really looks to be heating up, Heyward and Russell look to be coming back into their own, and Fowler has been rock steady in the lead off spot. The big ballpark in Arizona is prime for extra base hits, and some good ole fashion baserunning, so look to see our athletes push for extras in this one.

As far as the starters go, Jason Hammel gets the ball for the Cubs, Robbie Ray (great name) gets it for the Dbacks. Hammel looked pretty solid this spring, so expect nothing but the same from him tonight. Ray is Arizona’s #5 man in the rotation, and last year struggled with his pitch count. Look for Chicago hitters to force Ray into throwing strikes, and look for a lot of baseballs being cranked all over the yard by the Cubs.