Changes to Wrigleyville on the Way

 Chicago Tribune — “In addition to the massive amounts of work being done to Wrigley Field itself, the Cubs and the Ricketts family are planning three more structures around the ballpark in coming years. Last year, construction began on the first of these buildings: the office and retail space to be located at the north end of an open-air plaza on the site of the former triangle parking lot. Work recently started on the second building, a boutique hotel, with the demolition of the McDonalds on the opposite side of Clark Street.”

Couple things here: first and foremost, RIP to Mickey D’s on Clark and Addie. Sad stuff there. Second, the renderings I’ve seen for the new administrative offices look pretty cool, which our people will most certainly deserve after this year’s world championship (oh yeah, its gonna happen). But the most intriguing part here, especially considering the bogus new smokeless tobacco ban, is as follows:

“In January, Ald. Tom Tunney, 44th, introduced a proposal to set rules for the outdoor area, including ending events in the plaza at 9 p.m. on weeknights and 10 p.m. on weekends. The proposal also would allow beer and wine to be sold at the plaza, but alcohol sales would stop during games and concerts taking place inside Wrigley Field and would not resume until an hour after such events end. The Cubs have argued that the proposed time and alcohol rules are too restrictive.”

Comeeeee onnnnn. You can’t take an open air plaza — basically a place as free as America herself — and clip its wings. Just not fair. And that’s what Tommy Tunney’s bogus proposal would do. Think of the people Tom, think of the people.

PS — Kudos to the Cubs for calling b.s. on this one too. That’s the type of leadership we’re looking for.


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