Big ’16 For Javy Baez

Javier Baez has been impressing everyone with his versatility. Being able to play essentially anywhere on the diamond adds some immediate value that some of the best prospects don’t have. And Javy doesn’t just play the positions, he plays them well. But most importantly, with the Cubs’ sights set on a world championship, a young versatile ball player is absolutely indispensable.


Not only does this kid show potential Gold Glove caliber talent in the field, but oh yea he also hits the piss out of the ball. Still, he’s shown some inconsistency against big league pitching. But it’s nothing that can’t be fixed.


Plain and simple, Baez strikes out too much. In 309 plate appearances in the bigs, Baez has struck out 119 times. At the same time, he’s only got 19 walks. If this guy can stop chasing, and work in some longer at-bats, Javy could be on the brink an explosive year.


The key to it all though, has more to do with the kid’s head than anything technical. Becoming a patient hitter is all about maturity which, luckily, Baez has been showing signs of. Bottom line is, if this guy makes the right adjustments at the plate, the sky’s the limit. Defensively he as all the tools that make a player valuable, especially down the stretch. And best of all he knows how to come up big in big spots. With a couple years under his belt, Javier Baez is set to succeed in 2016, and that’s exactly what this team needs to win a ‘ship.